Wow! Technology has brought us a long way, especially since those days of biting down on those card board tabs. As soon as the image is taken it is posted in your file, no more waiting for your dental X-ray!

As part of our promise to continually providing our patients with the best care possible, digital radiology provides us with the ability to give you a better X-ray experience. This technique reduces the radiation exposure and allows us to zoom in or even change the density and contrast on our screen once the x-ray is taken.

With this new technology you can now see what treatment is needed by viewing a larger size x-ray. We are treatment planning in a way that's just not possible with the old type film x-rays.

With the digital method, a member of our dental team glides a small sensor inside your mouth and the images instantly pop up on a computer screen right in the examination room. The digital images, which look similar to traditional X-rays, can then be enlarged and manipulated, which gives you a better feel for what's going on inside your mouth.

No more gagging.

No more waiting for x-rays to be developed.

All this and it's environmentally friendly too! (No more use of processing chemicals!)

Digital radiology, with television screens in every examination room - making your experience at Plexman Dentistry the best it can possibly be!


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